In recent years, the field of medicine has identified the importance of adding supplements to our diet. There are now a staggering number of options to choose from. This could be primarily be because FDA’s guidelines governing supplement manufacturing is unfortunately less stringent than other comparable industries

Thus, quality vitamins and supplements are hard to find. The store brands and generics often contain contaminated ingredients, unnecessary fillers, or are mislabeled entirely. It is vitally important to knowing which supplement brands offer pure and powerful products that can help ensure you get the nutrition you need to thrive.

At our pharmacy, we understand that there is a significant profit margin on the low-grade subpar supplements. However, we have made a commitment to only offer the quality supplements to our patients.

We offer a wide array of quality supplements including the Metagenics brand. You may place orders at the Metagenics website and have it delivered directly to your door:

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