Home Delivery

We understand that patents may not always be able to visit our pharmacy during our hours of operations, and so we accommodate by offering home delivery. We can arrange a driver to deliver your meds if you are within the vicinity or we can ship packages if more convenient.

Call or email us for more details!

Caution: The Dangers of Mail Order

There is a growing trend nowadays where mail order pharmacies coerce patients to get medications by mail. This is of course more profitable for the mail order pharmacy however it is not always beneficial to the patient. Most Medications need to be stored at room temperature (68-72 degrees). If kept in higher temperatures, the medications lost its potency. The hot Texas climate can have a damaging affect to the medications left in a mailbox as the temperature can increase over 120 degrees! This results in the patients will not get the full benefit of the medications they take, and therefore it may not adequately treat them. The patient then has togoe back to their doctor and increase their dosage or changing their meds.

If our pharmacy delivers these temperature sensitive medications to you, we will surely deliver it by a courier or ship it in temperature-controlled packaging.

Compounded Semaglutide Injections are available at our Sterile Compounding Pharmacy.
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