Convenient Drive-thru Service

Trail Creek Pharmacy makes every effort to provide its customers with the best service possible and that includes offering convenient drive-thru service. We understand that you may be in a hurry and just don’t have time to park your car and come into the store to pick up your medications and other items. Or, you may be exhausted after work or it could be a sweltering hot day and you’re a new mom with an infant in the backseat. It’s at times like these that you’ll be glad that we care enough to provide customers with a convenient drive-thru pharmacy in Bedford.

If you have a prescription to fill or refill you can phone, email or fill your prescription through our mobile app. You can also request any of the other products we carry, including over-the-counter medications, CBD oil, vitamins and supplements. In the time it will take you to drive over to pick up your order, we’ll have it ready for you at our drive-thru window. What could be more convenient?

If you’re looking for a drive-thru pharmacy in Bedford, look no further. Trail Creek Pharmacy is known for providing patients with outstanding service and our drive-thru window is just one more example of that. You can reach us by phone at (817) 684-9464, email us at: or you can use our convenient mobile app.

Compounded Semaglutide Injections are available at our Sterile Compounding Pharmacy.
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