Support Local

In today’s day and age, consumers are bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages daily from many companies. This at times leads to confusion and possible misguided information. We sometimes have the notion that everything costs less at national box retailers. This is because they spend millions a year on advertising their low cost goods.

The truth, however, goes deeper than media advertisements. There is much news in the press and several documentaries that portray the real cost of a big box retailer coming to your city. For example, a national chain almost always negotiates with city officials construction cost and tax breaks. They require the local government spend money to build exit ramps and/or roads leading up to their superstore. At the end of the day, that $.99 toothpaste at the big box retailer really costs $1.69 when you consider that the citizens are paying for the national chain to be in their city.

This is the reason it is important to support local businesses. For every $100 spent at local independent pharmacy, $68 stays in the local economy vs only $43 when spent at a national chain. This could mean more for school budgets, better roads and construction, more local jobs, lower taxes, etc. Think BIG. Support Local! Let’s keep Texas Money in Texas!

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