Can a service like GoodRX save a patient money on prescription medication?

It depends. As you know, there are other things that factor into the cost, not just the list price for the medication. When searching on price comparison sites like, you will likely find several pharmacies in your area that offer low prices. Without giving it a second thought, you may decide to drive over to a particular pharmacy and have your prescription filled there, rather than look for a good pharmacy closer to your location.

Taking that drive involves time, not to mention the cost of fuel. Are you really saving any money by going out of your way? Even if you have a fuel-efficient car, you need to consider the stress of parking, waiting in line at the pharmacy counter, being tempted to buy items you don’t need off the clearance rack while waiting again to get your medication. How much time do you have on your hands anyway?

Instead, why not come into Trail Creek Pharmacy, which is located right in Bedford,or have us fill your prescription over the phone or through our handy mobile app.? We are a full-service pharmacy that goes above and beyond for our patients. Our pharmacy staff can fill your prescription a whole lot faster than it would take you to drive across town trying to save a few dollars. And, you might be surprised to find out that our prices are likely the same or very close to the price offered the national chain pharmacy. Not only will you save time coming to us to fill your prescription, you will also find a very knowledgeable and caring pharmacy staff.

You need to remember that time is more precious than money. If you overspend or lose money, there’s always a chance to make it back. But, if you lose time, you can never get it back. Therefore, ask yourself how much are you really saving by driving across town and having to wait 1 hour+ for your prescription to be filled at a big box pharmacy?

This is why we encourage you to check with us first at Trail Creek Pharmacybefore you drive out to a national chain pharmacy.

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