Pharmacogenetics It refers to how different people respond to drugs or medicines due to the variation in their genetic composition. Pharmacogenetics helps us understand that not everyone will respond to drugs at the same rate and some may not even respond to the treatment in the first place.


If you notice, drugs are usually produced with a target of certain types of patients. No one knows the genetic composition of patients and as such a standard drug is delivered with hopes that the patients would respond positively to the treatment, but things can take a different turn with Pharmacogenetics.

With Pharmacogenetics, it is possible to be able to make customized drugs that would be tailored according to the genes of the patients. Since the same medication prescribed for different patients metabolize differently in different patients using it at the same time, same dosage and same prescription. The metabolism of the drugs can be brought to an almost equal range with the introduction of this concept, making it possible to understand when a specific patient has outgrown the prescription and needs a more stringent condition instead of giving the standardized prescription. The benefits of this new found science are almost limitless in bringing better health and help drugs work better and faster and at a roughly similar rate in all patients.

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